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The following table is an activity list that includes the duration and predecessor for a series of project activities. What is the duration of the critical path?

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If a project has a To Cost Performance Index (TCPI) of 0.90, this means that:

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With reference to the diagram below, it can be inferred that the project is currently:

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Following is an illustration of a project network activity node that includes some information about activity D. Given the information provided, what is the total float of activity D?

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The project manager and the team decide that the project will be divided into five-week iterations with two weeks in between for retrospectives and iteration planning. Where is this documented?
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In a pharmaceutical project, human trials are to start soon. The CEO is thrilled about the success of the trials up to this point. She announces that the size of the patient pool for the trials should double from the one originally planned and results tracked in the new system launching this week. What should the project manager do first?
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You are the project manager for the construction of a new thin-crust pizza vending machine. You take all the information gathered in the project management plan to date and begin to develop a project schedule. When you reach the activity labeled as 6.5.3, you are unsure if a refrigeration specialist is needed for the installation of the cooling mechanism for the pizza dough. What project document would you reference in order to get information on the resources required for installing the cooling mechanism?
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You and your team have compiled your project’s activity list, determined how the activities should be performed and analyzed the schedule. You are preparing information for the project sponsor to highlight the identified activities that may create a delay in the overall project schedule. Which of the following would be most useful in this situation?
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You are a project manager for a new product development project that is in the planning stages. Your project team has just finished creating the activities list and is now in the process of identifying and documenting relationships among the project activities. While meeting with your project team, you notice that a series of activities can be done in parallel but must finish in a specific sequence. Your team is debating which type of activity sequencing method to use. What would you tell them?
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Your boss is giving you a rough outline of the scope, constraints, and risks involved in a prospective client's project. The project is highly similar to another project you are currently closing. The sponsor wants to know how long this project would take your team to complete. You think your team may need two months, but what should your answer be?
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