Agile Process Group

Many projects that use an agile development method have software that organizes and drives the work. Another method of organizing and tracking work in agile projects is by creating visual displays such as Kanban Boards to enable everyone to see the status of work in progress. Thus, there are not that many forms that are produced in traditional office software.

Some of the techniques used in agile development methods can be easily translated into a traditional form. The following forms are included and can be tailored for use in any project, regardless of the development method used:

  • Project vision
  • Backlog
  • Release plan
  • Retrospective

The PMBOK® Guide – Sixth Edition does not list these forms as outputs of any processes. The following table indicates the processes where they might be most useful.

Project Vision Develop project charter.
This form may be used prior to developing a charter, or, for smaller projects, instead of a charter.
Backlog Collect requirements.
The backlog can be used in place of or in addition to the requirements documentation.
Release Plan Plan schedule management.
The release plan is a high-level schedule. It may take the place of a schedule management plan or a high-level schedule for agile teams on small projects.
Retrospective Manage project knowledge.
The retrospective can take the place of or work in parallel with the lessons learned register.