Product Vision

The product vision provides the future view of the product being developed. The product vision is aspirational, yet achievable and realistic. It is developed at the very beginning of a project. It is often an input to the business case.

The product vision includes at least:

  • Target customer
  • Needs
  • Product and key attributes
  • Key benefits

The product vision is often used in place of a project charter on agile-based projects. It is developed once, at the beginning of the project.

Tailoring tips

Consider the following tips to help tailor the product vision to meet your needs:

  • Document the business goals that the product is aligned to.
  • Identify key competitors and how this product will be better.
  • Describe what differentiates this product from similar products in the market.
  • You can combine all the information into a sentence or two, or you can follow a formula like the one shown in the sample form.


The product vision should be aligned and consistent with the following documents:

  • Product backlog
  • Roadmap
  • Release plan
Document Element Description
Target customer The person or group who will buy or use the product.
Needs The needs or requirements that the product will address.
Product and key attributes A description of the product that includes attributes, functional and nonfunctional requirements, and top-level requirements.
Key benefit Describes why the customer would buy the product.