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You are leading a project to design a high-efficiency solar cell. The materials that you are acquiring for this project include copper, silver, and silicon among others, and you have also ordered custom built manufacturing equipment. Additionally, you have secured permission from the landlord to install a solar array on the roof of the corporate office for testing, and reserved a conference room for daily stand-up meetings. What is the result of your efforts?
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A company has been awarded a software development project which requires the development team to work at the client's office. The client has assigned each developer a cubicle from which to perform their work. During a daily standup meeting, a developer states that the team members are too isolated and colocating the team in a war room would increase productivity and quality. What should the project manager do first?
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An apartment building construction project is currently in the planning stage. The project manager has decided to use analogous estimating to create the resource requirements and resource breakdown structure. What should the project manager do first?
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As a project manager, you are developing a resource management plan for your software development project, and you need to find a way to document and communicate the detailed descriptions of the team members' roles and responsibilities. What tool will best meet your needs?
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Managing the project team for an agile based project, the project manager takes a servant role and allows the team to be self-organizing. Why is this possible?
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A project has been initiated to search a large area for debris from an explosion of a failed prototype. The project is now in planning, and there is a debate among the team members on the type and quantity of resources needed to complete this activity. What should the project manager do first?
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An international project is entering its final phase. Some work in this phase must be done in the foreign country. Unsure if company policy requires a full-time employee onsite for project work in that country, which project artifact should the project scheduler reference?
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A project manager is leading a project to build a new model of all-terrain vehicle (ATV). The initial plan called for the suspension parts to be painted. However, in response to an issue captured in the issue log, it has been recommended to use powder coating instead of paint for better corrosion resistance. As it pertains to the acquisition of resources, what should be done next?
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You are leading a project team with a technology upgrade project within a project-oriented organizational structure. You were recently informed that one of your project team members falsified required certifications on their resume', and you have verified the information as accurate. You want to terminate the team member's employment. What should you do first?
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A project to construct a new subway line is underway, and the tunnel boring machine has slowed due to unexpected changes in rock composition. It has been decided to implement the planned risk response by increasing the speed of the machine to 100% of rated capacity. The team believes that the additional strain on the machine will not cause more downtime for its maintenance thus negating the benefit of faster boring. What should the project manager do first?
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