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An Agile approach can alleviate issues that result when high uncertainty exists. Which of the following is an example of a pain point that Agile addresses under these circumstances?
Select three
Your project has a total of 35 stakeholders. How many lines of communication exist?
Select one
Cheryl is a procurement manager assigned to a project that implemented a new system patching service. She sits down with the project manager to review the final performance of the primary vendor used, highlighting the many issues that they experienced with the vendor, including delivering three weeks late and going over budget by $5,000. Cheryl spends an additional hour with the project manager identifying what they could have done differently and what they did well in addressing the vendor issues as they occurred. What activity are Cheryl and the project manager engaged in?
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You are looking over project team assignments and see that one of your resources is overallocated. You are concerned about the future availability of this resource and also notice the resource is assigned to more than one critical activity. To keep the project on schedule, which of the following techniques should you use?
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All of the following are methods used to develop project teams except for which one?
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You are working on a project with contentious team members. You know if you resolve the conflicts, it will result in increased productivity and better working relationships. You pull the team together in a meeting to discuss the issue. You allow everyone to express their viewpoint, and as a result, some team members gain an understanding of the perspective of some of their teammates that they didn’t have before this meeting. At the conclusion of the meeting, consensus is reached, and the team members thank you for taking the time to get them together and asking them to discuss this issue. Which of the following conflict-resolution techniques does this describe?
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Match the decision-making technique with its description.
Term Description
Uses a systematic approach to making decisions
Multicriteria decision analysis
One individual makes the decision
Uses unanimity, majority, or plurality to make decisions
Match the Agile project charter component to the question it addresses.
Charter Component Question Addressed
Project vision
What does “done” mean for the project?
Flow of work
How are we going to work together?
Release criteria
Who benefits and how?
Project purpose
Why are we doing this project?
Match the leadership style to its corresponding attributes.
Leadership Style Attributes
Puts other people first
High-energy and enthusiastic
Servant leader
Management by exception
A hands-off approach
Seeks to inspire and encourage innovation
You’ve just accepted a new project management assignment. The project is for a customer in a foreign country. You’ve requested a business analyst and two other project team members from the country the customer resides in to participate on your team. The remaining team members are from your country. You know that the best way to ensure that the project team doesn’t get bogged down in cultural differences and hold up project progress is to do which of the following?
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