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Sharing of project information is of utmost importance to the organization. Project knowledge is shared on multiple systems, services, and apps. The array of locations is becoming overwhelming for some of the project team members. What is the best option for the project manager to manage the project knowledge in this situation?
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Stakeholders are not sure what to do about the multiple failures the project has been experiencing recently. Changes need to be made quickly otherwise the project may be terminated as consistently missing its objectives. What should the project manager do first?
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Not all team members are properly checking out resources used in the project. What is the best option for the project manager?
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The project is nearing its end. The executives are anxious to assign the project manager to other projects. However, before moving on, the project manager has to deliver the final product to the customer. What should the project manager do first?
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You are developing a project management plan for a project that is part of a program. You have just been informed that a new procedure has been added to the program management plan. The procedure requires that all changes that exceed $10,000 in cost have to be reviewed by the change control board (CCB). What should you do?
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During a project's review, an executive states the project manager failed to forecast future outcomes based on past results, review how other projects addressed the similar issues, and analyze alternative solutions to issues. What has the project manager most likely overlooked with his intuitive manner of running the project?
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The project you have been managing for several years is now moving towards completion. Some of the project deliverables have been contracted to vendors. You begin to close the project and want to make sure all activities necessary for project closure are properly completed. Which of the following activities would you not perform as part of this process?
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As a project manager, you are in the process of establishing a knowledge management system for your project. Which of the following actions will be the least beneficial in this process?
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A project manager is about to start planning a software development project. The project sponsor would like to review any project risks that have been identified at this point. Which document should the project manager recommend the sponsor to review?
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You are a project manager for a national consumer goods retailer. Currently, you are about to start the development of the assumption log for a project to build a new retail store. What should you do first?
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