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Which process group corresponds to the "Act" component of the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle?
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Your company is in the consumer-packaged goods industry. This is a highly regulated industry, and the regulations can vary between countries and even geographic regions within each country. You have created a new product and sent the first shipment to a customer in a region you have never worked in before. The shipment is stopped in customs, due to the product not meeting the standards of that country. According to the company policy, samples should be taken from each shipment and stored for six months. The company looked for samples from the shipped product, and were not able to locate any. Which quality technique could have caught this issue
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A project manager is in the process of creating the quality management plan for a product development project. Currently, the project manager needs to understand and then estimate the cost of quality for a particular process. What is the best course of action?
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The project has to produce 10,000 new parts. The inspection points and their frequency along production must be determined. The part specifications and inspection modes to be used also need to be decided. In which process are these project plans defined?
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A project manager is leading a project to streamline the manufacturing process of modular homes. The project manager researches and discovers a set of technical guidelines that will make the homes easier and cheaper to manufacture without compromising quality. The team incorporates these guidelines by designing a new modular home that reduces the total number of parts and uses more standard and multi-functional components. This is an example of:
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After taking over a project that is in the middle of execution, you are looking for information about the quality management issues that have been escalated by the team and any corrective actions that have been recommended and/or implemented. What should you do?
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During an inspection of a project deliverable, the team detects the same defect in the deliverable that has already been identified during a previous inspection. The project manager is confused how this could have happened since a change request was approved to correct the defect. After discussing the issue with the team, the project manager learns that the team never implemented the approved change request. What could have helped prevent this situation?
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You are managing an engineering design project. The vendor has created 50 engineering drawings. Since the project is on a tight schedule and budget, checking every drawing for accuracy and completeness would be impossible. You direct the team to randomly select 20 drawings for inspection. This exercise can best be described as an example of:
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Which of the following helps a project manager determine possible causes of potential problems and actual problems?
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A project manager has to resolve two problems. Both problems can occur in a single trial. In this situation, what is the best action the project manager can take?
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