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A dashboard viewable by all project stakeholders displays various statuses using the industry standard of red, yellow, and green colors. Throughout project execution, to meet the needs of the project and some of the project stakeholders, the project manager has been adding more colors to reflect additional statuses. This situation has created confusion among some of the stakeholders over the status naming conventions and meanings. What should the project manager do?
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The updated version of the product is to be at the customer's location by the end of the week, but the team realizes they will be unable to complete the deliverable by then. The project manager and the team have looked for solutions to resolve this issue but there is nothing to avert missing the deadline. The deployment team who is supposed to install the product at the customer site is under a lot of stress to meet their deadline and are going to be furious that the update will not be there at the end of the week. What is the project manager's best action?
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In a steering committee meeting for a project to build a new state-of-the-art communications device, the committee chair reprimands the project manager for not using the company’s file sharing system as required by the organization. The project manager explains that the project team chose a newer tool for the project, as it was much better. What most likely caused this situation?
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You are developing the communications management plan for a construction project. You want to determine the information needs of the project stakeholders, specifically focusing on the type and the format of information that will be required to communicate with the stakeholders. What is your best course of action?
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A new project is starting, and the team members come from all over the world. The project manager has concerns about communications. What should the project manager do first?
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You are managing a project to update the packaging and digital media for a popular snack food to promote a charity fundraiser. The project is well underway, and you are currently actively collecting and storing information about each deliverable team's progress, creating forecasts for your sponsor, distributing work performance reports and planning presentations to key stakeholders, and verifying delivery. Which process are you performing?
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You have just taken over a project to overhaul the company's telecommunications network. During your first week, you determine that the engineers spend at least 80% of their time responding to unexpected requests for information from different project stakeholders. Because of these interruptions, your engineers cannot focus on their assigned project activities, which is resulting in frequent network outages. What should you do first?

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The complexity of the information flow in any project depends upon the complexity of the project itself. Information flows through various channels in complex projects. The project management team is responsible for gathering, compiling, analyzing, and reporting this information. Which of the following processes finally releases the project information to the project stakeholders?
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The methods used to transfer information among project stakeholders may vary significantly. A project team may apply different techniques and communication technologies to ensure effective and efficient communications. Which of the following must not be a factor to consider while choosing a communication technology?
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During a project status meeting, a project manager presented sensitive information related to the project. However, this information was not intended to be available to the audience. Which of the following processes was done incorrectly, resulting in the project manager communicating sensitive information to the wrong audience?
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