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Match the following roles in the agile methodologies with their titles. 

Role Description
Product owner
The title similar to a project manager in the Lean methodology
The title similar to a project manager in the Kanban methodology
Flow master
A Six Sigma title
Team facilitator
Also known as the Scrum master. Coordinates the work of the sprint
Black belt
The liaison between the Scrum master and the stakeholders in a Scrum methodology. Also known as the voice of the customer

Directing project work on an agile project consists of several steps. Match the following steps with their descriptions.

Directing agile teamwork
Steps Description
First Step
Review meetings are held to examine the work of the iteration and provide and receive feedback.
Second Step
Daily stand-ups are conducted to examine what was worked on yesterday, what will be worked on today, and what obstacles are standing in the way.
Third Step
The product backlog is defined.
Fourth Step
Retrospectives are held at the end of the iteration to determine what went well, what improvements can be made to the process, and what didn't go well.
Fifth Step
Planning meetings are held at the beginning of the iteration to pull user stories into the iteration backlog

Match the following scaling agile frameworks with their description.

Scaling agile frameworks
Framework Description
Two or more Scrum teams work on the project together. Each Scrum team focuses on a portion of the work.
This consists of up to eight Scrum teams with up to eight members each who all work on the project together.
Enterprise Scrum
This extends Scrum practices to all aspects of the organization.
Scrum of Scrums
This combines several agile best practices and includes information from functional areas of the business.
This is an interactive knowledge base consisting of technical guidance, knowledge, and information on agile.

Match the following types of tests that are used on agile-based software projects to their description.

Testing at all levels
Name of test Description
End to end test
Testing the software from the start to the end to ensure the application is working correctly.
Smoke test
A high-level test designed to identify simple failures that could jeopardize the software program.
Regression test
This test is performed after changes are made to the code or when maintenance activities are performed on the hardware the code resides on to ensure the software works the same way it did before the change.
Integration test
This test combines software modules and tests them as a group.
Unit test
This test is performed on individual modules or individual components of source code.

Match the following agile measurements with their definitions.

Agile measurements and definitions
Agile measurements Definitions
Empirical measure
Typically expressed as deliverables, functionality, or features
Definition of done
The time it takes to complete work on a task from the time work starts
Lead time
A checklist of elements needed to ensure the deliverable is ready for the customer to use
Definition of ready
A type of in-the-moment measure
Response time
Describes the specifics of the tasks planned for the iteration before the team begins work
Cycle time
The time it takes for a task to go from request to completion
Capacity measures
The time a task waits before work starts
A project manager is responsible for a project that consists of Agile team members dispersed across four time zones. The team has experienced communication issues as a result. What can the project manager do to alleviate the communication challenges?
Select two
When should Agile teams hold retrospectives?
Select three
You are the project manager for a project that will produce a mobile phone application that sends alerts when UV rays are at dangerous levels, alerting users to stay indoors. Your team has recently adopted Agile, and you have modeled your approach on that of a servant leader. Which of the following characteristics are you likely to follow?
Select three
The Agile Manifesto is made up of four values and twelve principles. Which of the following is an example of an Agile value?
Select three
Shu Ha Ri is a technique used to develop an agile team. Which of the following are true about this model?
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