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The project requires frequent input from the senior management team. Some of the past projects succeeded to engage the team, however, most failed as senior management is notorious throughout the organization of responding slowly and not attending meetings. What is the best strategy for the stakeholder engagement plan of the current project?
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A key stakeholder has been resistant to the project's objectives, and the support of this stakeholder is vital to the success of the project. The project manager has employed various engagement strategies which have been ineffective and needs to determine the underlying reason that stakeholder engagement is not having the planned effect. What should the project manager do next?
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The project is not getting the marketing team to update the content of the online magazine website as scheduled. The outdated content is causing confusion among readers. What can the project manager do to engage the marketing team and make the needed changes as soon as possible?
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A project is six months into its nine-month projected duration, and the project manager is reporting that the project is at least three months behind schedule because certain key stakeholders were resistant to any changes that might occur as outcomes of the project. What might have been done differently during project planning to have avoided this situation?
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A project manager is identifying stakeholders for a new product development project. Which of the following activities is the project manager least likely to perform in the creation of the stakeholder register?
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You are leading a project to construct a new runway at an existing commercial airport. After completion of the project, the residents under the flight path of the new runway are making noise complaints and want the airport to compensate them for the diminished values of their homes. What might you have missed earlier in the project?
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A project manager is conducting the initial process of identifying stakeholders for a new infrastructure development project. The project manager has just compiled a list of potential stakeholders' names. What should the project manager do next?
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Two new team members have just joined the project you are leading. The project is large and involves many stakeholders. You want to get the new team members up to speed with the overall dynamics of the project and engage effectively with the project stakeholders. What should you do?
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You have recently been assigned to lead a project that is halfway into execution. The project has many stakeholders, and you are trying to determine how to engage them effectively. Which of the following will best help you in this effort?
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You are managing a software upgrade project for your company. Your project sponsor has a great deal of authority regarding project decisions, but you recently discovered that he doesn't have much interest in your project. To complete the project successfully, you need your project sponsor's continuous support. What stakeholder management strategy should you use with your project sponsor?

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