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The project sponsor is concerned about possible ethics violations between the project and vendors. What independent review can the sponsor order?
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You are conducting the source selection analysis for an office building renovation project. One project requirement involves setting up the WiFi system once the hardware has been installed. The value of this procurement is relatively small, and you have decided that a full selection process does not make sense. With three prospective vendors listed as pre-approved sellers, what is the best course of action?
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Services are still being billed to the project even though no additional services are required or requested. What is the best option for the project manager to take?
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As a project manager for a small university, you are currently in the process of selecting a vendor to develop a textbook and other training materials for a new course. Several vendors are interested in bidding on the contract. During a bidder conference, one of the prospective suppliers asks about ownership of the intellectual property that will be created from the project. Which project document should have this information at this stage of the project?
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A team member has been tasked to send the request for proposal (RFP), source selection criteria, and procurement statement of work (SOW) to potential sellers. The documentation is stored digitally on the corporate computer network. Which folder from the project directory is most likely to include these documents?
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During a bidder conference, a supplier asks why a section is missing from the request for quotation (RFQ). The project manager, realizing that an aspect of the project is indeed missing, becomes flustered and stumbles through a brief reply. When the seller responses were received, all but three fail to address the missing section. What is the best course of action?
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You have completed a nine-month project, and you are in the closing stage. The project completed on time and under budget and everyone in your department has congratulated you on your achievement. The vice president of your company heard about the success of your project and wants a summary overview of project performance so that he can talk about your success at the next board meeting. What should you provide to him?
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You are leading a project to build an oil pipeline in a foreign country, and you are looking for local contractors to outsource some of the construction work. You are in the process of preparing the bid package for prospective sellers. Which of the following documents would you leave out of the package?
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The performance reports produced during the Control Procurements process are then provided to which project management process for further processing?
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Three years back, your organization awarded a fixed price contract to a reputable local contractor to construct a new airport terminal in the city. A few days back, you received a change request from the contractor requesting to adjust the contract’s price. The contractor is claiming that as a result of the recent national recession, the prices of raw materials have gone up and he cannot complete the rest of the project at the contract price. Is the contactor’s request legitimate?
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