New PMP Question & Answers with explanation

You are the project manager for BB Tops, a nationwide toy store chain. Your new project involves creating a prototype display at several stores across the country. You are using an RACI chart to display individuals and activities. What does RACI stand for?
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You have been hired as a contract project manager for Grapevine Vineyards. Grapevine wants you to design an Internet wine club for its customers. Customers must register before being allowed to order wine over the Internet so that legal age can be established. You know this project will require new hardware and an update to some existing infrastructure. You will have to hire an expert to help with the infrastructure assessment and upgrades. You also know that the module to verify registration must be written and tested using data from Grapevine's existing database. This new module cannot be tested until the data from the existing system is loaded. You are going to hire a vendor to perform the programming and testing tasks for this module to help speed up the project schedule. The vendor will be reimbursed for all their costs, and you want to use a contract type that will allow you to give the vendor a little something extra if you are satisfied with the work they do. You know all of the following apply in this situation except for which one?
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Which of the following are constraints that you should consider when documenting the resource management plan?
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Sally is a project manager working on a project that will require a specially engineered machine. Only three manufacturers can make the machine to the specifications Sally needs. The price of this machine is particularly critical to this project. The budget is limited, and there's no chance of securing additional funds if the bids for the machine come in higher than budgeted. She's developing the source selection criteria for the bidders' responses and knows all of the following are true except for which one?
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Which of the following statements are true regarding Plan Resource Management?
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