119 New PMP Scope Questions & Answers with explanation

You are a project manager responsible for the construction of a new office complex. You are taking over for a project manager who recently left the company. The prior project manager completed the project scope statement and scope management plan for this project. In your interviews with some key team members, you conclude which of the following?
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Rianna is a developer who is interested in moving toward a career in project management. She takes on a small project that will implement a new security feature to protect her company’s internal network. To date, she has baselined the project’s scope, schedule, and budget, and she is now actively helping to resolve issues as they arise. What process is she currently performing?
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Various tools and techniques determine project requirements during the Collect Requirements process. These requirements form the basis for defining the project scope. One of the responsibilities of a project manager is to identify key project deliverables during this exercise. Where are the key project deliverables documented?
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Which of the following components of a project scope statement is useful in reducing scope creep?
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A project manager joins a project with a distributed team, fixed budget, and tight deadlines. During planning, what should the project manager do to avoid any scope creep and keep the team focused on delivering a product that meets requirements?
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Which of the following statements best describes the product scope?
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Nicolas is the project manager of a project that has been described as revolutionizing the mobile fitness tracking industry. He recently finalized and published the scope. A key subject-matter expert on his team asks to see the list of acceptance criteria. What document will Nicolas reference to get this information?
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While performing activities associated with controlling project and product scope, a project manager uncovers scope creep. What is scope creep?
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Which of the following makes up the scope baseline when using a predictive life-cycle approach?
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You are a project manager for Laredo Pioneer's Traveling Rodeo Show. You're heading up a small project to promote a new line of souvenirs to be sold at the shows. You know that the purpose of the project scope management plan and requirements management plan provide which of the following?
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