Activity list

The activity list defines all the activities necessary to complete the project work. It also describes the activi- ties in sufficient detail so that the person performing the work understands the requirements necessary to complete it correctly. The activity list contains:

  • Activity identifier
  • Activity name
  • Description of work

The activity list can receive information from:

  • Schedule management plan
  • Scope baseline (particularly the deliverables from the WBS)

It provides information to:

  • Network diagram
  • Activity duration estimates
  • Gantt chart or other schedule presentation
  • Activity resource requirements

The activity list is an output from process 6.2 Define Activities in the PMBOK® Guide – Sixth Edition. This process is performed throughout the planning of the project. For adaptive approaches, or projects that are progressively elaborated, this process is done throughout the project.

Tailoring tips

Consider the following tips to help tailor the activity list to meet your needs:

  • For some projects you will enter your activities into the schedule tool rather than keep a separate activity list.
  • Not all projects require a column to describe the work.
  • For projects that use an adaptive development approach your activity list will evolve as the requirements are added or changed in the product backlog.
  • For projects that use an adaptive development approach you may want to add a column that indi- cates the planned release or iteration for each activity.


The activity list should be aligned and consistent with the following documents:

  • Milestone list
  • Activity attributes
  • WBS
  • WBS dictionary
  • Product backlog
  • Iteration release plan
Document element Description
ID Unique identifier
Activity name A brief statement that summarizes the activity. Activities usually start with a verb and are only a few words.
Description of work If needed use this field to provide more detail to the activity description, such as a process or method to accomplish the work.