Milestone list

The milestone list defines all the project milestones and describes the nature of each one. It may categorize the milestone as optional or mandatory, internal or external, interim or final, or in any other way that supports the needs of the project.

The milestone list can receive information from:

  • Project charter
  • Schedule management plan
  • Scope baseline

It provides information to:

  • Network diagram
  • Duration estimates
  • Gantt chart or other schedule presentation
  • Change requests
  • Close out report

The milestone list is an output from process 6.2 Define Activities in the PMBOK® Guide – Sixth Edition.

This is developed once and is not usually changed unless there is a significant scope change.


Tailoring tips

Consider the following tip to help tailor the milestone list to meet your needs:

  • For some projects you will enter your milestones directly into the schedule tool rather than keep a separate list of



The milestone list should be aligned and consistent with the following documents:

  • Project charter
  • Activity list
  • Network diagram
  • Duration estimates
  • Schedule
Document element Description
Milestone name Milestone name that uniquely defines the milestone
Milestone description A description of the milestone in enough detail to understand what is needed to determine the milestone is complete

A description of the type of milestone, such as

  • Internal or external
  • Interim or final
  • Mandatory or optional