Stakeholder engagement plan

The stakeholder engagement plan is a component of the project management plan. It describes the strate- gies and actions that will be used to promote productive involvement of stakeholders in decision making and project execution. Typical information includes:

  • Desired and current engagement level of key stakeholders
  • Scope and impact of change to stakeholders
  • Interrelationships and potential overlap between stakeholders
  • Engagement approach for each stakeholder or group of stakeholders

In addition, the stakeholder engagement plan can include methods for updating and refining the plan throughout the project.

The stakeholder engagement plan can receive information from:

  • Project charter
  • Assumption log
  • Change log
  • Issue log
  • Stakeholder register
  • Resource management plan
  • Project schedule
  • Communications management plan
  • Risk management plan
  • Risk register

It provides information to:

  • Requirements documentation
  • Quality management plan
  • Communications management plan
  • Stakeholder register

The stakeholder engagement plan is an output from process 13.2 Plan Stakeholder Engagement in the PMBOK® Guide – Sixth Edition. It is updated periodically throughout the project as needed.


Tailoring tips

Consider the following tips to help tailor the stakeholder engagement plan to meet your needs:

  • For small projects you may not need a stakeholder engagement You can combine the informa- tion with the stakeholder register as appropriate.
  • Projects with multiple stakeholders with overlapping and intersecting relationships can benefit from having a stakeholder relationship map that shows the connections.
  • For many high-risk projects, stakeholder engagement is critical to success. For projects with many stakeholders, complex interactions, and high-risk stakeholders you will need to have a robust stakeholder engagement plan.




The stakeholder engagement plan should be aligned and consistent with the following documents:

  • Stakeholder register
  • Communications management plan
  • Project schedule
Document element Description
Stakeholder engagement assessment matrix

Use information from the stakeholder register to document stakeholders. Document "current" stakeholder engagement level with a "C" and "desired" stakeholder engagement with a "D." A common format includes the following stakeholder participation descriptions:

unaware. Unaware of project and its potential impacts

resistant. Aware of project and potential impacts and resistant to the change

neutral. Aware of project yet neither supportive nor resistant

Supportive. Aware of project and potential impacts and supportive of change

leading. Aware of project and potential impacts and actively engaged in ensuring project success

Stakeholder changes Describe any pending additions, deletions, or changes to stake- holders and the potential impact to the project.
Interrelationships List any relationships between and among stakeholder groups.
Stakeholder engagement approach Describe the approach you will use with each stakeholder to move them to the preferred level of engagement.