Change Management Plan

The change management plan is a component of the project management plan. It describes how change will be managed on the project. Typical information includes:

  • Structure and membership of a change control board
  • Definitions of change
  • Change control board
    • Roles
    • Responsibilities
    • Authority
  • Change management process
  • Change request submittal
  • Change request tracking
  • Change request review
  • Change request disposition

 The change management plan is related to:

  • Change log
  • Change request form

It provides information to:

  • Project management plan

The change management plan is a part of the project management plan and as such it is an output from the process 4.2 Develop Project Management Plan in the PMBOK® Guide – Sixth Edition. This docu- ment is developed once and is not usually changed.

Tailoring tips

Consider the following tips to help tailor the change management plan to meet your needs:

  • If you have a few product components or project documents that require configuration management, you may be able to combine change management and configuration management into one plan.
  • The rigor and structure of your change management plan should reflect the product development approach. For predictive approaches, a rigorous change management approach is appropriate. For adaptive approaches, the change management plan should allow for evolving scope.


The change management plan should be aligned and consistent with the following documents:

  • Project roadmap or development approach
  • Scope management plan
  • Requirements management plan
  • Schedule management plan
  • Cost management plan
  • Quality management plan
  • Configuration management plan


Document element Description
Change management approach Describe the degree of change control and how change control will integrate with other aspects of project management.
Definitions of change Schedule Change: Define a schedule change versus a schedule revision. Indicate when a schedule variance needs to go through the change control process to be re-baselined.Budget Change: Define a budget change versus a budget update. Indicate when a budget variance needs to go through the change control process to be re-baselined.Scope Change: Define a scope change versus progressive elaboration. Indicate when a scope variance needs to go through the change control process to be re-baselined.Project Document Change: Define when updates to project management docu- ments or other project documents need to go through the change control process to be re-baselined.
Change control board Name Individual’s name
  Role Position on the change control board
  Responsibility Responsibilities and activities required of the role
  Authority Authority level for approving or rejecting changes
Change control process Change request submitta Describe the process used to submit change requests, including who receives requests and any special forms, policies, or procedures that need to be used.
  Change request tracking Describe the process for tracking change requests from submittal to final disposition.
  Change request review Describe the process used to review change requests, including analysis of impact on project objectives such as schedule, scope, cost, etc.
  Change request outcome Describe the possible outcomes, such as accept, defer, or reject