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Early in the project, you are meeting with your team and would like to address all the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats the project is facing. What tool should be used?
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You recently took over a project as the project manager. This is your first project management assignment. The project sponsor is very supportive and is helping you out in successfully managing the project. Recently, some bad quality deliverables were received on the project, and the project sponsor suggested that you to periodically review the vendor’s progress to deliver project scope and quality, within cost and on schedule, as compared to the contract. Which of the following statements is true in this context?
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You are in charge of constructing the Ferris wheel in each town a carnival visits. However, this is something you have never done before, and you are getting different opinions from others on how long it takes. Joe is new and has given you what you believe to be an optimistic estimate of three hours; Bill says it will take 10 hours, which seems too long to you and quite pessimistic. Last, Margie, who is the most experienced at this task, is telling you it will take eight hours. You are not sure whom to believe, so you decide to do three-point estimation (based on beta distribution). Based on this, how many hours will it take you to assemble the Ferris wheel?
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PMBOK offers a number of tools and techniques for all the project management processes. These tools and techniques must be carefully applied in order to meet the objectives of any process. Which of the following is not a tool or technique of the Plan Stakeholder Engagement process?
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You have just returned from the weekly change control board meeting at which you presented the requested changes to the employee move project. You had five change requests approved and one request rejected. These are outputs of what process?
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The termination clause and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanism for each procurement in a project is in the:
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As a project manager, you are concerned with both prevention and inspection of errors in a work product. The difference between prevention and inspection is:
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Which of these statements is true?
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You have a schedule activity that can be delayed without delaying the early start date of any subsequent activities. This is an example of:
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