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The following statements are true except for which one?
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Your selection committee is considering two projects. They can choose only one or the other. Project A’s expected cash inflows are $14,000. It has a payback period of 14 months, and IRR equals 4 percent. Project B expects cash inflows of $5,000 per quarter for the first 16 months, and its IRR is 2. Which project should the selection committee choose and why?
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Which of the following statements is true regarding diversity and inclusion?
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You are the project manager for BB Tops, a nationwide toy store chain. Your new project involves creating a prototype display at several stores across the country. You are using a RACI chart to display individuals and activities. Which of the following is true regarding this type of chart?
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Which of the following measurements is the value of the work actually completed?
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Sue is the leader of an enterprise PMO. Recently, she rolled out a quarterly project auditing process. Each quarter, 10 percent of the project portfolio would be randomly audited. What is the leading motivator and benefit of project audits?
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The president of the company has asked you to lead a large new project that links to the company’s number-one strategic priority. After kicking off the project, the president stops by to inquire whether you have already begun building your team. He eagerly notes that he would like to see engagement from multiple geographies in order to leverage special expertise that exists within the company. He notes that cost should be a consideration as well, given that the company has recently experienced losses. When building the team, what options should you consider, given this information?
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You are the project manager for Ooh La La Beauty Products. Your project concerns developing a new line of bath products. A quality inspection of one of the new products reveals that the product is nonconforming. Which of the following result in conforming or nonconforming measurements?
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A project manager is using a hybrid approach to manage his project. He sits down with the project’s sponsor to update him on progress achieved to date. To aid the discussion, the project manager displays a chart that visually shows how much work remains versus how much time is left for the project. What is the project manager displaying?
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The Big Mouth grocery food chain is planning to modernize their IT department by developing a new bar coding system that will allow them to keep their shelves stocked more efficiently by using the Just in Time strategy. However, during the project chartering phase the project manager explained to them that in order to execute the Just in Time strategy, a company must have a high level of:
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