175 New PMP Business environment Questions & Answers with explanation

Which environmental factor should you pay close attention to when carrying out the Identify Stakeholders process?
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Which of the following are types of PMOs?
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You are a project coordinator and work in an organization that is considered to be a weak-matrix organizational type. What is a disadvantage of working in this type of organization?
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Which of the following best defines business value?
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You have just started working for a new company. Your previous project management experience made you stand out from your competitors. Your new business cards are being printed with the title of project coordinator. You discover that the project charter for the project you are working on was never written, so you volunteer to draft one, even though the work of the project has started. The vendor who is assisting with the project is already on board and is working with (and reporting to) the engineering division. You report to the construction division. Which of the following is true?
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Project selection methods might include all of the following except for which one?
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Quincy and Michael are two executives of Widgets for Life, a company providing the latest cool lifestyle gadgets. As part of their annual planning process, they sit down to evaluate three projects linked to their department objectives. They decide to use benefit measurement methods to help them choose which project to select. Which of the following analysis tools are they likely to use?
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Which organizational process asset should you consider when closing out a project or phase?
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You are the project manager of a construction company that is working on a project to build a new community of townhomes. A vendor that is bidding on the electrical contract for the project knows you are a big fan of your favorite comedian and sends you two tickets to attend a show. You know that the tickets are expensive, valued at more than $500 based on the location of the seats. What should you do?
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You have been with your company for three months. You were hired as a project manager and are anxious to get started on your first project. Your organization is considering taking on a project that has considerable risk associated with it and you don’t know the outcome. The selection committee is meeting two weeks from today to decide on this project. Since you’re new to the company, you want to make a good impression. Which of the following will you do?
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