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You are the project manager of a construction company that is working on a project to build a new community of townhomes. A vendor that is bidding on the electrical contract for the project knows you are a big fan of your favorite comedian and sends you two tickets to attend a show. You know that the tickets are expensive, valued at more than $500 based on the location of the seats. What should you do?
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You have been with your company for three months. You were hired as a project manager and are anxious to get started on your first project. Your organization is considering taking on a project that has considerable risk associated with it and you don’t know the outcome. The selection committee is meeting two weeks from today to decide on this project. Since you’re new to the company, you want to make a good impression. Which of the following will you do?
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All of the following are true regarding the organizational process assets updates output of the Manage Communications process except for which one?
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All of the following statements about fairness are true except for which one?
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Reasons to Lyv is the top client of a large marketing firm. Trudy is the president of Reasons to Lyv and has decided to launch a product that leverages new GPS tracking technology. She has high confidence that the project will be a success and asks the marketing firm to make it their top priority by generating a unique campaign that will run in parallel with her project. Billy, a top executive from the marketing company, briefs his team about this unique situation that they have not managed before, and a project is launched shortly thereafter. Billy’s project came about as a result of what?
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What brings together a set of tools and techniques to describe, organize, and monitor the work of project activities?
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A project manager has just been assigned to a newly approved project and has been tasked with developing the first draft of the project charter. To better understand the financials, the project manager decides to review the net present value and payback period calculated for the project. Which of the following can the project manager reference for this information?
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