175 New PMP Business environment Questions & Answers with explanation

Sue is the head of an enterprise PMO. She delivers a presentation at the annual company meeting to describe her roles, responsibilities, and the value of the PMO. As part of her presentation, she outlines the general responsibilities of a PMO. All of the following describe the types of support that PMOs typically provide except for which one?
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You are a project manager and are meeting with your team. The goal of this meeting is to determine which compliance processes you should use to effectively manage the project. Which of the following describes what you’re doing?
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Project benefits can best be described as:
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What considerations should be given when applying organizational change management?
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You are a project manager working in an organization that is considered to be a weak matrix organizational type. You are two months into a four-month project when the functional manager for half of your most critical resources announces that she will be reallocating them to another project. You explain to her that this will result in early closure of your project and that resources should not be redirected. What is the likely outcome of this scenario?
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Which of the following typically shows the departments, work units, or teams within an organization?
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Yasmin is a senior project manager for a project that aims to produce a new line of medical widgets for a Fortune 100 company. The entire industry has been buzzing with excitement over this project, which was estimated to span three years and require an investment of $1.5 billion from the company. Yasmin recently learned that her project would be placed on hold for the foreseeable future after a lawsuit against the company resulted in shareholders pulling out their investments, thereby liquidating capital needed to continue with the project. What type of project ending is this?
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What is the ethical code you’ll be required to adhere to as a PMP credential holder?
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Which of the following best describes PMI?
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You are a project manager for the information technology division of a local satellite TV broadcasting company. This spring, the chief information officer for your company gave you the job of converting and upgrading all the PCs in the department to the latest release of a specific desktop application. Prior to this conversion, all manner of desktop software existed on machines throughout the company and had caused increasing problems with sharing files and information across the company. A lot of unproductive hours were spent converting information into several formats. This project came about as a result of which of the following?
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