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You are the project manager for Lucky Stars nightclubs. They specialize in live country and western band performances. Your newest project is in the Planning process group. You are working on the WBS. The finance manager has given you a numbering system to assign to the WBS. Which of the following is true?
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Which of the following statements is true regarding brainstorming and lateral thinking? (Choose two.)
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Unanimity, majority, plurality, and autocratic are four examples of which of the following techniques and what they are used for? (Choose two.)
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You are a project manager responsible for the construction of a new office complex. You are taking over for a project manager who recently left the company. The prior project manager completed the project scope statement and scope management plan for this project. In your interviews with some key team members, you conclude which of the following? (Choose two.)
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All of the following are true regarding supporting the team in subdividing tasks into the minimum viable product except for which one?
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Which of the following is true regarding assisting the team in subdividing tasks into the minimum viable product?
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You are using an agile project management methodology to deliver business value. During each iteration, you and the team members are breaking down tasks into tangible components that have enough features and functionality to allow the customer to examine value and provide feedback to the team. Which of the following are true regarding this question when using a Scrum methodology? (Choose two.)
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Your project requires contract resources with specific subject matter expertise to deliver business value. All of the following are true except which one?
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How will you know that business value is being achieved?
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You are using an agile approach to deliver business value incrementally. What other elements of business value should you be focused on? (Choose two)
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