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You have received proposals in response to your recent RFP. The following types of information were used by your evaluation team to rate the vendors: availability, experience, and training. Experience was given the most weight, 5. Availability was assigned a weight of 3, and training was assigned a weight of 2. Vendor A scored the following: availability as 4, experience as 2, and training as 2. Vendor B scored the following: availability as 3, experience as 4, and training as 4. Which vendor won the bid, and what was the final score?
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You are a project manager working on a project involving a new scientific discovery in conjunction with your local university. Because of some changes that were approved during the Monitoring and Controlling processes, you discover that the descriptions of the deliverables that make up the final product of the project are no longer accurate or complete. Which of the following will you use to track the changes to the deliverables and ensure their descriptions are accurate and complete, and what process is this associated with?
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The project manager has just determined that three functional managers with a high interest in the project hold a particularly high degree of influence in the allocation of enterprise resources. Armed with this new information, she updates her salience model and considers how it impacts the project. In what activity is the project manager engaged?
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The elements of communication are incorporated within the models of communication exchange. They are best explained as which of the following?
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Roshoud is the VP of customer operations for Galactic Kidz and the project sponsor of the latest project, called Project G. He sits down with Sally, the project manager, to discuss resource utilization on the project. He expresses concern after recently hearing in the hallway that planned resources have been unavailable. Sally admits that this has been the case and that it has set the project back unexpectedly. What did Sally fail to do in this scenario?
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Nicolas is the project manager of a project that has been described as revolutionizing the mobile fitness tracking industry. He prepares for a meeting with the project’s sponsor to discuss the performance of their largest vendor. What information will Nicolas need to reference to provide this information?
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You have a very energetic project team. They are motivated by results, have good conflictresolution skills, and are highly committed to the project, among other things. They have a solid understanding of the project goals and objectives and understand the direction the project is headed in. Which of the following does this describe?
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Robert is a practicing project manager who is studying for his PMP® exam. During a study session with a colleague, he insists that it is important for project managers to consider all 49 project management processes, while his colleague insists that it is not necessary and that project managers should carry out only the necessary processes. Who is correct?
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A project manager has been asked to calculate the payback period for her project. The project’s investment is $500,000, with expected cash inflow of $50,000 for the first two quarters and $100,000 for every quarter thereafter. What is the payback period?
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You are in the process of attaining and assigning resources to the project. You have both internal and external resources. You will be hiring your external resources using a work order against a contract you have with a local staffing agency. All of the following are true except for which one?
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