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Which of the following is a key way to improve activity cost estimates
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The plan cost management process addresses all the following except
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You are managing a new oil purification project in a foreign country. A person informs you that you will have to pay him a "transfer fee" for the permit to move heavy equipment through the city. What is the first thing you should do?
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A cost management plan contains a description of:
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A project manager is analyzing the project to find ways to decrease costs. It would be best the project manager looks at
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Your manager is worried about the project schedule. There is a critical deliverable due to the federal government in two weeks. If you miss the deliverable, you could lose the entire contract. To help reduce the manager's stress, you show him the earned value calculations you just completed. They show your cost performance index (CPI) is 1.25, your actual cost (AC) is us $400 million, and your planned value (pv) is us $490 million. Should you manager be comfortable?
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The six-month project has 300 work packages and a us $600,000 budget. Three months into the project, 150 work packages are complete and us $300,000 has been spent. Which of the following is correct?
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Identified risks are:
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A project team budgeted us $3,000 for the work performed and has spent us $4,000 to date. If they budgeted us $5,000 for the work sccheduled, what is the cost variance (CV)?
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What is the difference between expected monetary value and net present value
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