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Which of the following are all items included in the cost management plan?
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Your company is undergoing a change in ownership and the new owners are looking at the total cost of a new product. Which of the following would best provide that information
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You are tracking your project using earned value management (evm) and find you are behind schedule but under budget. Your variances show schedule variance (SV) = -us $50 million, cost variance (CV) = $100 million, and your actual costs are us $500 million. What are the cpi, pv and spi?
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A project manager has just been notified of a cost increase by a seller. He looks at the contract and determines that the seller has the right to pass along this cost increase. The project manager should fist determine if
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What does estimate at completion (EAC) mean
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The project sponsors have asked you to assess the feasibility of meeting the objectives and cost constraints. .why should you use analogous estimating
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Company abc is evaluating three consulting companies to find a consultant to perform professional services. They request information on how the three consulting companies allocate fringe benefits to their clients. What type of cost is company abc asking about
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Your company is in competition to win a major project for the government of a country. Your contacts in that country inform you that you must make a large payment to the foreign minister to be considered for the project. What should you do
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You and everyone involved are inexperienced with the methodology, techniques, and tools. In light of this new approach, what is the best thing to do
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The approximate resource costs necessary for completing project activities are compiled during which project management process
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