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One common way to compute estimate at completion (EAC) is to take the budget at completion (BAC) and:
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Which of the following information about the project would never be available during project planning
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Which of the following represents the estimated value of the work actually accomplished?
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A cost performance indes (CPI) of 0.89 means
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You take over a project that is us $100,000 over budget. You know the team has completed us $500,000 worth of work. Your sponsor has been calling all day leaving messages while you were in meetings asking for a quick update on the project status. What will you tell him when you return his call?
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You are in the middle of project executing and find you are running out of money due to unanticipated changes. What is the best thing to do
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Early in the life of your project, you are having a discussion with the sponsor about what estimating techniques should be used. You want a form of expert judgment, but the sponsor argues for analogous estimating. It would be best to:
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You provide a project cost estimate for the project to the project sponsor. He is unhappy with the estimate, because he thinks the price should be lower. He asks you to cut 15 percent off the project estimate. What should you do?
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This has been determined that six additional computers are needed to complete the project. The computers are an example of
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How close to actual costs should a definitive budget estimate be
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