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Many quality problems plagued a project. The quality of the work products deviated considerably from specifications. The project manager decided to do a root cause analysis. What activities does a root cause analysis include?
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Mary has recently finalized her project management plan and has gotten it approved. She is managing a complex manufacturing process improvement project. The project stakeholders' constant support and commitment are crucial for the success of the project. Which of the following are the most important stakeholder management processes at this stage?
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An important aspect of project management is the handling of stakeholder expectations. Typically, at what level are the stakeholders with respect to the project manager?
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Public recognition of superior performance creates positive reinforcement for the team members. When is the best time for a project manager to recognize team members' performance?
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The requirements elicitation team has generated a large number of ideas during sessions to gather product and project requirements. Which of the following techniques is best suited to sorting these ideas into groups for review and analysis?
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One of the performance requirements of a company website development project is that the home page should load in one second. Such performance requirements are usually part of:
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Anna has recently taken over a project as the project manager. The project is early in the executing phase. Although all the key stakeholders signed off on the project scope statement, Anna learns that some of the key stakeholders do not fully understand the project scope. The stakeholders’ constant support is crucial for the success of the project. What must Anna do?
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In the earned value management technique, the cost performance baseline is:
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Progressive elaboration is least applicable to which of the following processes?
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Which of the following quality control tools and techniques may not be used for root cause analysis?
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