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As part of establishing a new project team, a project manager chooses to create an official team charter. What will the project manager likely include within the document?
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Which conflict-resolution technique does not result in a permanent resolution?
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Knowledge that is difficult to express is called what?
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Carina is a principal project manager of You’ve Got Dogs, a specialty company that creates custom dog apparel and toys. As is part of her practice, she sits down with her sponsor to evaluate how the project is performing. She reviews feedback from the most recent prototype, which the team has produced successively to yield additional insight. Carina notes to the sponsor that the use of timeboxing has been helpful in reducing the uncertainty in the project. What type of life cycle is Carina using?
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Your colleague has reported to their manager that they passed their PMP certification exam. You know this is inaccurate, since you both took your exams at the same time and the colleague shared the results with you. What should you do?
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You’re the project manager for Dream Clinics, a research organization that specializes in sleep disorders. You’re working on an internal service project and are in the Executing process group. You negotiate with a manager to obtain resources for specific activities on the project that your team is not able to fulfill. These resources will roll off the project as soon as the activities are completed. Which of the following does this scenario describe?
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You are a project manager working on contract. The organization that’s contracted with your company is not happy with the progress of the project to date. They claim that an important deliverable was overlooked and that you should halt the project and reassess how to meet this deliverable. You know that the customer has approved all phases of the project to date. Which of the following statements is true?
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Nancy is a senior systems engineer who loves to work with people and can typically grasp the big picture. Because of her functional knowledge, organized nature, and ease in getting others to follow her lead, her manager decides to move her into a project manager role. Despite all of her strengths, Nancy struggles greatly with her first project. The first major milestone was missed, and the project was already over budget by $20,000. What part of the PMI Talent Triangle™ is Nancy missing?
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Your project has kicked off, and you are beginning a series of overview sessions with key users to determine requirements for a new enterprise resource software implementation. One of your stakeholders is exceptionally contentious and throws obstacles up at every turn. One of the problems she has described does seem to be legitimate. There is an issue with the data from the legacy system that needs to be resolved before moving forward. Which of the following statements is not true regarding this situation?
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Which of the following best describes the servant leadership approach used in Agile projects?
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