286 New PMP People Questions & Answers with explanation

Every Friday the development teams at Blazing Broadband Internet Solutions are treated to a free massage and a catered lunch. The CEO authorized this extra activity as a means of retaining top performers at the company and to give the human resources department extra leverage in attracting new employees with an added benefit. Benefits provided to employees who are doing a great job are known as:
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Hal has been assigned as part of the research team on a project that involves working with the latest lab software. You’ve noticed Hal working longer hours than the rest of the research team. When you approach him about this, he shares that he hasn’t quite grasped how to utilize the new program and has been wrestling with it for some time. As the project manager, what should you do?
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Jane, who is the project manager, has a question about the Research activity’s progress and is interested in knowing why it appears to have fallen behind. According to the RACI chart provided, who is to perform the work of this activity? Activity Todd Alfred Anne Henry Define A R C I Research I R A I Compile A I R I
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Which of the following is addressed within the resource management plan?
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Team charters are also known by what other name?
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Which of the following does a project manager use to build trust with stakeholders and overcome resistance to change?
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Nicolas is the sponsor of a project that will replace all equipment that has already surpassed its end of lifetime span. He decides to assign this project to Carina, his topperforming project manager. Carina’s first task will be to write the project charter. Who will be responsible for signing the project charter document, thereby approving the project?
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Around 2:37 p.m., Bruce Bethor, the project manager for Happy Holiday Cruise Ships, Inc., walks around the office to interact with each member of his team. The majority of his team members enjoy this type of informal interaction because it gives them an opportunity to bring up issues they may have forgotten to mention during the morning meetings or those issues that were recently uncovered during the day. Which of the following techniques does Bruce use to stay in touch with the work and attitudes of his project team members?
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A project manager of Cyber Channels Inc. is in the process of assigning resources to her current project. At the end of the day, she receives an angry call from the director of engineering, who is upset that his senior systems administrator was assigned to the project without his consent. At this stage, what should the project manager do to keep this resource?
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A project management team is in the process of acquiring the necessary resources to complete the project activities, as specified within the human resource management plan. After considering those resources that had been promised as part of the customer contract, they discover that a key resource was not included within the initial agreement and was already committed to two other projects. To work through the best scenario, what technique can the team use?
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