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You are a new project manager and have always been self-motivated. You are destined to achieve good things and desire to attain the coveted PMP designation. Even after attaining the designation, you will strive to apply professional knowledge to your future projects and adhere to the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. Which theory is described in this question, and what area of the PMI role delineation study does this question refer to?
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Nicolas is the project manager of a project that has been described as revolutionizing the mobile fitness tracking industry. He prepares for a meeting with the project’s sponsor to discuss how to approach the project. During the meeting, he tells the project sponsor that he would like to promote self-awareness, listening, and coaching versus controlling. Nicolas is promoting characteristics of what?
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To whom is the theory attributed that says people are motivated by the need for power, achievement, and affiliation?
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You are in the process of attaining and hiring resources for the project. Some of the resources can be found within the organization, but three of the resources you’ve identified must be hired on contract. You need to consider previous experience, personal interests, personal characteristics, availability, and the competencies and proficiency of the contractors as well as the internal staff. Which of the following statements best describes the situation?
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Colocation is also known as what?
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Lewis is a marketing associate reporting to Antwon, the company’s director of marketing. He pulls you aside to get your opinion about the latest project that he claims was his idea. He expresses frustration that Antwon was named sponsor of the project instead of himself. Based on the scenario presented, who is the correct project sponsor?
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You are the project manager for a large project. The initial project schedule shows the project takes approximately three years to complete. Some of the stakeholders have changed over the course of this project, and new stakeholders will become involved toward the end of the project. The project team members have also changed as the project has evolved into a new set of deliverables. You are having a difficult time motivating the new team members. The techniques you used with the previous team don’t seem to be working with this team. More resources will be brought on and off the project team at various stages throughout the life cycle, so you’d like to resolve this problem soon. You know from studying the Project Resource Management Knowledge Area that you should do which of the following?
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In what ways does the servant leadership approach empower teams?
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You are a contract project manager and have entered into the requirements-gathering phase of your project. Two of the departments you’re working with on this project have competing interests regarding this project and have done everything they can, including sabotage, to undermine the work so far. To finish up the requirements-gathering phase, you will have to exert some influence. Which of the following statements is true regarding influencing the organization?
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Dr. William Ouchi developed a theory that is concerned with increasing employees’ loyalty to their organizations and places emphasis on the well-being of the employees, both at work and outside of work. What is the name of this leadership theory?
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