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This win-win conflict-resolution technique is the one that project managers should use most.
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You are in the midst of some difficult procurement negotiations. The schedule, service-level agreements, and incentives have not been agreed upon. One of the parties representing the vendor lashes out at you during the negotiations. You were not expecting this outburst and are just about to stoop to their level when you remember which of the following in reference to the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and the process you are currently performing?
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Which of the following best defines virtual teams?
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Rianna is a developer who is interested in moving toward a career in project management. She takes on a small project that will implement a new security feature to protect her company’s internal network. To date, she has baselined the project’s scope, schedule, and budget, and she is now actively helping to resolve issues as they arise. What outcome is she looking to produce?
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You are a project manager carrying out various activities that involve managing the team. At present, you are preparing for your individual team members’ performance assessments. Which of the following will assist you as you carry out this activity?
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A project manager is performing closure activities for the project and meets with the project sponsor to review the final report. The report reveals that the project budget is 90 percent consumed. The project sponsor expresses concern that there may be a risk of going over budget. How is the project manager likely to respond?
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Which of the following activities involves determining and documenting a team’s effectiveness?
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Knowledge that can be codified using images, numbers, and words is called what?
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Leticia is a project manager working for Dancing Apron, a company that combines cooking with simple children’s cooking recipes and music. Her latest project involves the release of the company’s first digital product, which parents will be able to purchase and download online. While overseeing the project, Leticia notices that recent stakeholder engagement levels have dropped significantly, and they’ve begun to disagree during status meetings. She decides to evaluate their engagement levels using prioritized criteria and weights that she documented in the stakeholder engagement plan so that she can share and discuss the results with the project sponsor. What primary activity is Leticia performing?
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You are in the process of evaluating the engagement levels of stakeholders. What tool can you use to help you get started quickly?
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