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Victor Vroom developed a theory that recognizes the belief that a positive outcome drives motivation. You are looking for a new position as a program manager. You don’t have the experience for this level of responsibility, but you are rationalizing that if you have enough motivation and can fudge a bit of experience on the application, you’re showing initiative, and hopefully, the outcome will be in your favor. What theory is this question describing, and what area within the Responsibility domain of the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct does this question refer to?
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Recognition and rewards are important parts of team interaction. They are both formal ways of recognizing and promoting desirable behavior. Which of the following statements are true regarding reward and recognition?
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You are working with your stakeholders and performing activities associated with the Executing process group. You are dealing with some issues involving the project objectives and are working to maintain consensus among the five stakeholders participating in this project. You have used both influencing and negotiating skills and have finally come to consensus on the issue at hand. Which of the following options best describes the contents of this question?
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You’ve noticed that your CIO shows all the signs of being a good leader. Which of the following statements are true regarding leaders?
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You are in the process of hiring resources for a project. Some of the resources can be found within the organization, but three of the resources you’ve identified will be contracted from outside the organization. You need to consider previous experience, personal interests, personal characteristics, availability, and competencies and proficiency of the contractors as well as the internal staff. You have a friend who is looking for a job. He isn’t qualified for the position, but you know him well enough to know he will come up to speed quickly. A couple of training classes should do the trick. What process is this question describing, and which area of the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct does this question refer to?
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Yasmin is a senior project manager for a project that aims to produce a new line of medical widgets for a Fortune 100 company. The entire industry has been buzzing with excitement over this project, which was estimated to span three years and require an investment of $1.5 billion from the company. While wrapping up for the week, Yasmin receives a fifth call from a vendor that has been pursuing an active RFP for the project. The vendor notes that they have connections in the offshore company by which the product will be manufactured, and if they win the contract, they are certain that they could bypass customs, saving Yasmin’s company millions of dollars in the process. What should Yasmin do?
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Silvana is a junior project manager who was recently hired to work on projects supporting the networking team. Her first project is plagued with issues, mostly caused by team member conflicts. Her sponsor attempts to reassure Silvana. What fact is she likely to share with Silvana?
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Which of the following best describes the performing stage of the team development model, developed by Tuckman?
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Your virtual project team consists of 12 people in the same building you’re located in plus 4 people from the West Coast office, 2 people from the Kansas City office, and 6 people from the London office. Your office works different hours from all the other offices. Additionally, not all of the resources in your building are available at the same times during the day. Three of those 12 team members work swing shift hours. Which of the following should you use to capture the availability information for these resources and potential future resources, as well as their capabilities and skills?
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You hold a position that is primarily concerned with satisfying stakeholder needs as well as issues such as plans, controls, budgets, policies, procedures, and team motivation. You have signed a nondisclosure agreement, promising not to give away trade secrets, and you have signed a noncompete agreement with your current employer that says you will not go to work for a competitor any sooner than 18 months after the date of your termination. Your staff members have signed similar agreements, but their noncompete agreement is for 12 months rather than 18. You have discovered, through a friend of a friend, that one of your staff members is interviewing at a competing company, and if the position is offered and accepted, it would violate the noncompete agreement your staff member signed. Which of the following describes the type of position you hold and the domain within the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct that pertains to this situation?
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