769 New PMP Process Questions & Answers with explanation

You are a project manager for Lightning Bolt Enterprises. Your new project involves the research and development of a new type of rechargeable battery. One of your stakeholders requests a change to the product scope description. The stakeholder has filled out a change request form indicating that the change affects the project scope and that it’s essential for a successful project. The change request is approved, and the project scope statement is updated to reflect this change. Which of the following statements are true?
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Your project has kicked off, and you are beginning a series of overview sessions with key users to determine requirements for a new enterprise resource software implementation. One of your stakeholders is exceptionally contentious and throws obstacles up at every turn. One of the problems she has described does seem to be legitimate. There is an issue with the data from the legacy system that needs to be resolved before moving forward. The PMO you report to practices phase sequencing and requires closure of each phase before the next phase can begin. What is this process called?
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Which of the following statements are true?
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A project manager for a software development project has collected the work performance data and used the requirements documentation and requirements traceability matrix to generate the work performance information regarding variances in the project work compared to the baseline. What process is the project manager performing?

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As part of the process to develop the scope statement for the project you are leading, you specify the deliverables for the project, include the requirements under which the deliverables will be accepted, and explicitly state what is out of project scope. What should you do next?

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In a pharmaceutical project, human trials are to start soon. The CEO is thrilled about the success of the trials up to this point. She announces that the size of the patient pool for the trials should double from the one originally planned and results tracked in the new system launching this week. What should the project manager do first?
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You are assigned to a software development project, and you are conducting a product review with an important client. Although the deliverables were previously verified, the client detects a defect and rejects one of the deliverables. What should you do?
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The project manager is trying to get sign off for a series of marketing materials. The work is rejected by the stakeholders responsible for sign off because of incorrect use of marketing standards. What should the project manager do before sending materials to the stakeholders again?
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A new project manager is brought on the project. She wants to understand the process by which this particular project formally accepts deliverables. Which of the following will she have to reference?
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A project manager is meeting with Sally, the program manager, to review the decomposed deliverables for a new product. Sally reviews the work breakdown structure and requests it to be arranged in the order the work should be performed. Is Sally correct saying that the work breakdown structure should be ordered according to how the work will be performed?
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