769 New PMP Process Questions & Answers with explanation

Leticia is a project manager working for Dancing Apron, a company that combines cooking with simple children’s cooking recipes and music. Her latest project involves the release of the company’s first digital product that parents will be able to purchase and download online. While overseeing the project, Leticia notices that recent stakeholder engagement levels have dropped significantly, and they’ve begun to disagree during status meetings. What key input can she use to help her deal with the situation?
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Which of the following motivational theories states that the expectation of a positive outcome drives motivation?
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Your customer has requested a specific color for the product your project is producing. This is an example of which of the following?
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A project manager is providing guidance to the project team on the steps required to generate the work breakdown structure (WBS). She lists the following: 1) identify the deliverables and work, 2) organize the WBS, 3) decompose the WBS components into lower-level components, and 4) assign identification codes. What is the fifth step?
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Contract phases are closely related to the Project Procurement Management Knowledge Area processes. Which of the following are true?
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You’ve gathered cost estimates for the activities of your current project. Most of the activities can be completed with existing staff resources. The summary cost estimate for existing resources is $535,000. You will also need to hire contractors to perform some of the activities that require specialized skills. You’ve received a bid from a local vendor for $137,000 for these services. Which of the following statements are true?
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During a company town hall, the sponsor of your project announced that a new highpriority project will be kicking off in the next quarter. This is distressing news since resources are at a premium. You kick into preventive measures and pull together subjectmatter experts to begin analyzing a way to compress the project schedule to complete the project prior to the next project launch. What activity are you and the subject-matter experts performing?
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You are the project manager for Ooh La Beauty Products. Your project concerns developing a new line of bath products. You also serve on the change control board, which has just approved a scope change. You know that which of the following statements are true?
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A project manager is performing activities associated with the Plan Procurement Management process. He is attempting to determine, along with the relevant subjectmatter experts, whether it makes more sense to develop internally or purchase a deliverable. What tools or methods can he use to produce a successful outcome?
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You are the director of the PMO for your organization. Terri, an employee from another department, has approached you about a new project that is being talked about in her department. Terri would like the opportunity to head up this project and wants to convince you of her knowledge of project management and that she can do this job. Terri’s objective statement for the project says the following: “Convert all our distribution centers in the United States to radio frequency identification (RFID) tags. This new technology will improve inventory management by giving us a real-time view of demand for the products we sell. It will also help reduce theft and reduce stock-outs. The electronic identification stored in the tags should be fixed. This new technology will require the installation of readers at each warehouse gate.” Which of the following statements are correct regarding Terri’s objective statement?
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