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A program manager working for an infectious disease nonprofit has just been assigned to a program that seeks to solve a deadly issue plaguing a third-world country. The issue involves a deadly bacteria that has entered into a major water source that branches out into multiple regions across the country. The first project will involve a feasibility study. This project came about as a result of what?
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Reasons to Lyv is the top client of a large marketing firm. Trudy is the president of Reasons to Lyv and has decided to launch a product that leverages new GPS tracking technology. She has high confidence that the project will be a success and asks the marketing firm to make it their top priority by generating a unique campaign that will run in parallel with her project. Billy, a top executive from the marketing company, briefs his team about this unique situation that they have not managed before, and a project is launched shortly thereafter. Trudy’s project came about as a result of what?
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Which of the following project selection methods is considered to be the least precise?
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All of the following are true regarding projects except for which one?
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Which of the following is true about benefit-cost ratio?
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You are a senior manager overseeing projects for Fun Days Vacation Packages. You manage projects and weigh the value of each project against the business’s strategic objectives. You also monitor projects to make certain they adhere to those objectives and that you get the most efficient use of resources possible. Which of the following does this scenario describe?
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A project manager is putting together the project charter and is interested in referencing marketplace conditions to understand the factors surrounding the project. What is a valid input that the project manager can reference to get this information?
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Sue is the head of an enterprise PMO. She delivers a presentation at the annual company meeting to describe her roles and responsibilities and the value of the PMO. As part of her presentation, she notes that the PMO is responsible for ensuring that projects, programs, and portfolios are aligned and managed according to the organization’s strategic business objectives. What is this referred to as?
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A functional manager hosted a celebration for the project team to reward them for a job well done that led to the successful completion of a major project. It was clear to the project manager that the team was relaxed and enjoying themselves, with some talking about upcoming vacation plans. What type of organizational structure does the project team likely work within?
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A project manager is performing activities associated with the Plan Procurement Management process. Which tool or technique can the project manager use to gather information on specific seller capabilities?
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