175 New PMP Business environment Questions & Answers with explanation

A project manager is new to a company and has not led a project with international team members. What should the project manager do to develop cultural sensitivity?
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After project closure but during the warranty period, the project manager wants to determine whether the customer is satisfied with the project's outcome. How can the project manager measure this?
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A senior manager wants to use an essential project resource for another project. What should the project manager do?
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A project to migrate an organization's email system to another platform creates an unexpected, but significant, issue on another business-critical system. What should the project manager do?
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During project initiation, the project manager performed a cost-benefit analysis that resulted in 0.6. What should the project manager do next?
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A project manager learns that a new law, which will affect the business' type of products, is expected to be passed within the next three to six months. A project to launch a new product is being initiated, and is expected to be complete within two-and-half months. This new product would not meet the requirements of the proposed legislation if it passes. What should the project manager do?
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Which of the following represent components of a benefits management plan?
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Cindy is practicing servant leadership. As the project manager, she gathers her team together to prepare them for the upcoming project. In explaining the benefits of business value, what points is she likely to stress?
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Crystal is a family of methodologies intended to support a wide range of projects, depending on project size and criticality. Match the Crystal Method used when basing the selection solely on the range of stakeholders involved.
Crystal Methods
Crystal Method Name Number of Stakeholders Involved
Crystal Clear
20 to 40 people
Crystal Yellow
5 to 100 people
Crystal Orange
6 to 20 people
Crystal Red
1 to 4 people
Match the domains that make up the Five-Factor Model with their corresponding aspects.
Five-Factor Model Domains and Spectrums
Domains Aspects of Domain
Openness to experience
Outgoing vs. reserved
Efficient vs. careless
Inventive vs. easy-going
Sensitive vs. confident
Compassionate vs. detached