175 New PMP Business environment Questions & Answers with explanation

Match the term with its description.
Term Description
Organizational process assets
Plans, processes, policies, procedures, and knowledge bases that are specific to and used by the performing organization
Enterprise environmental factors
Conditions, not under the immediate control of the team, that influence, constrain, or direct the project, program, or portfolio
Match the type of PMO with its description.
PMO Type Description
Takes control of projects by directly managing them via project managers that report to the PMO
Provides consultation to project teams by providing resources, training, and access to information
Provides support and requires compliance against published project management and governance frameworks
Joseph Juran is known for the following:
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Tim works for a project management consulting firm that has just assisted a client in implementing a new process improvement plan. The executives of the company are pleased with the outcome of the project but are unsure how they will be able to maintain this new level of productivity. In response, Tim suggests that they use Kaizen events based around the Kaizen Theory. The Kaizen Theory is also known as:
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A key stakeholder approaches the project manager for a list of significant events in the project that can be used to benchmark the project’s progress. What document will the project manager provide the key stakeholder with?
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A project team using an Incremental life cycle may opt to deliver what to a subset of customers?
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Which of the following is not a characteristic of a project?
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The project was going well until you recently discovered that the site of the offshore development team has just conducted an emergency evacuation due to a political rally that has become violent. This comes as a shock to the local project team. How could this have been avoided?
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A project manager plots the degree of certainty and complexity of a project along x- and y-axes to determine what type of project management approach would suit the project best. The exercise reveals that the project falls within the “complex” quadrant due to moderately uncertain requirements and highly uncertain technical challenges. What model is the project manager using?
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Making small, incremental improvements within a product or process is known as:
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