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You are a project manager for the information technology division of a local satellite TV broadcasting company. This spring, the chief information officer for your company gave you the job of converting and upgrading all the PCs in the department to the latest release of a specific desktop application. Prior to this conversion, all manner of desktop software existed on machines throughout the company and had caused increasing problems with sharing files and information across the company. A lot of unproductive hours were spent converting information into several formats. This project came about as a result of which of the following?
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What is the present value of $8,000 received three years from the present using a 7 percent interest rate? Assume all options are rounded to the nearest whole dollar.
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Which of the following are considered factors that influence the initiation of a project?
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You are a full-time project manager working within the customer operations organization, reporting to the VP of customer solutions. Your boss manages the project budget. Which organizational structure do you work in?
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You work in an organization that is considered to be a project-oriented organizational type. What is an advantage of working in this type of organization?
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Functional (centralized), matrix, and project-oriented are all types of which of the following?
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A project manager is updating a presentation slide with updates on a high visibility project for a monthly customer service review. The purchase order for hardware has not been placed yet because of multiple complications in the process, which will cause the schedule to slip by a minimum of two weeks. The project manager knows that the customer will be enraged. Hoping to not cause a scene, he omits this information in the presentation update, with a plan of crashing the schedule to make up for the slip. What core value has the project manager violated?
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Robert is a new executive hired to lead the marketing department of a telecommunications company. He sits down with his most senior project manager to review a project that he will now take sponsorship for. After discussing business value, he asks to review the requirements and how the requirements link to the project objectives. What document will the project manager share with Robert?
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Premature closure of a project phase that is managed using an Adaptive approach is likely to experience greater failure due to sunk costs versus a project managed using a Predictive approach.
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You are a project manager working on contract for an upscale retail toy store. Your project involves implementing a Party Event Planner department in stores in 12 locations across the country as a pilot to determine whether this will be a profitable new service all the stores should offer. You’ve identified two alternative methods of implementing the pilot. Alternative A’s initial investment equals $598,000. The PV of the expected cash inflows is $300,000 in year 1 and $300,000 in year 2. The cost of capital is 12 percent. Alternative B’s initial investment equals $625,000. The PV of Alternative B’s expected cash inflows is $323,000 in year 1 and $300,000 in year 2. The cost of capital is 9 percent. Which of the following is true?
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