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You are the project manager for a company that produces mobile phone applications. Currently, the director of the consumer division is evaluating two projects. Funding exists for only one project. Project UV aims to produce a mobile phone application that sends alerts when the UV rays are at dangerous levels, alerting users to stay indoors; Project Fun aims to send alerts when it detects that users have not visited any destinations outside of their usual routine. The director asks you to calculate the payback period and NPV for both projects, and here is what you derive: Project UV: The payback period is 12 months, and the NPV is (100). Project Fun: The payback period is 18 months, and the NPV is 250. Which project would you recommend to the director?
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Yasmin is a senior project manager who has just taken on a project that will produce a new line of medical widgets for a Fortune 100 company. The entire industry is buzzing with excitement over this project, which is estimated to span three years and require an investment of $1.5 billion from the company. What type of project is this?
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You are the newly appointed project manager of a high-profile, critical project for your organization. The project team is structured outside your normal organizational structure, and you have full authority for this project. What type of organization does this describe?
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All of the following statements are true regarding NPV except which one?
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All of the following are true regarding honesty as a value project managers should uphold, except for which one?
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The project manager reviews lessons learned from past similar projects to start the project off on the right foot. What input contains lessons learned and historical information from past projects?
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All of the following are examples of constrained optimization methods except for which one?
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Antwon, the director of marketing, approaches you to tell you about the latest idea he had for a new phone app that he called Project UV2. Since he was the brain behind the company’s top-selling app, you take him seriously. He notes that his idea involves enhancing the existing UV app by improving the backend to sit on technology that the company recently rolled out, thereby making response time faster. The backend changes would not affect the phone app functionality, nor would they require any new configurations to be made. This is considered to be which of the following?
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Which of the following best defines a program?
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Which of the following values represents taking ownership for the decisions you make or fail to make, the actions you take or fail to take, and the consequences that result?
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