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You are a project manager working on contract. As your project comes to a close, your contract completes, and you find yourself out of work. What type of organizational structure did you work in?
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One of your team members, a fellow PMP credential holder, is under investigation for violation of the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. What action should you take?
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Who is chartered with the authority to approve or deny change requests as defined by the organization?
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Quincy and Michael are two executives of Widgets for Life, a company providing the latest cool lifestyle gadgets. They’ve learned that a new federal law will be passed that regulates how personal data may be collected and used. Many of Widgets for Life’s gadgets collect data, which has been made possible by advancements in technology. As a result, they decide to launch a new project that will address the requirements of the new law. This project came about as a result of what need?
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Robert is a new executive hired to lead the marketing department of a telecommunications company. He sits down with his most senior project manager to review a project that he will now take sponsorship for. He asks the project manager to review the business value that the project is expected to deliver and how that value is to be measured. What document is the project manager likely to share with Robert?
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As part of project integration management activities, a project manager reports on value achieved to date against the plan. What does the project manager hope to accomplish by carrying out this activity?
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All of the following are true regarding phase gates except for which one?
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A project manager is managing a project working to produce a fitness tracking device. Using an adaptive approach to managing the schedule, the project manager works with the team to update and prepare stories for the upcoming iteration, accounting for any recent changes that may have occurred. This is an example of:
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All of the following are true regarding the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct except for which one?
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A project manager has been reassigned to another project after her previous project evolved to ongoing operations. What type of project ending did she experience?
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