175 New PMP Business environment Questions & Answers with explanation

You have been assigned a new project and meet with your manager to discuss it further. The PMO organization has been on a journey over the past six months to become an Agile PMO. Your manager shares that the new project should be managed using an adaptive approach to support the direction of the team. He further clarifies that the project will be highly constraint-driven with a strong focus on quality and time and that the executive team expects incremental builds. Which of the following adaptive approaches should you use to manage this project?
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Which of the following reflect key values listed in the Agile Manifesto?
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Which of the following influences the use of Agile approaches?
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A PMO leader is guiding the organization through Agile adoption. What characteristics should she consider when evaluating organizational readiness of Agile approaches?
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An organization interested in shifting the organizational culture to adopt new practices, such as Agile, must create an environment that enables which of the following?
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Which of the following are underlying success factors for forming Agile teams?
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While visiting the country where a new branch office is being built, you are told you must pay a us $5,000 fee to the government permit officer to obtain the facility permit required by law to start construction. The construction company tells you this is standard practice and is required by law. If you don't pay the fee, the project could be delayed, which would cost your company money. You have not worked in the country before. You do not speak the official language of the country and are communicating in a shared third language. What should you do?
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You are managing a new oil purification project in a foreign country. A person informs you that you will have to pay him a "transfer fee" for the permit to move heavy equipment through the city. What is the first thing you should do?
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A large, complex construction project in a foreign country requires the movement of heavy equipment through crowded city streets. The officials in the city know that you have a large, complicated project and that staying on schedule and within budget is important to your company. You have coordinated moving equipment in other countries for other projects without problems. To ensure the equipment is transported successfully, your contact in the country informs you that you will have to pay the local police a fee for coordinating traffic. What should you do?
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A project's statement of work (SOW) requires that the project be delivered in six months. The project manager is concerned that the timeline is unreasonable. What should the project manager do to address this?
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