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You are working on the creation of a new television series. Your organization has created many winning series in the past. However, no other series on the air is like the series that’s being proposed. The series must be ready to debut during sweeps week in November. Which of the following statements is true?
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You work in the pharmaceutical industry, and your organization is considering building a new laboratory facility in the Northwest. Market demand is driving new research for diet medications, and the new lab would be dedicated to this product development project. Some stakeholders in your organization are not certain a new lab facility is needed because there is space that can be used in an existing building to host the diet medication research project. You’ve conducted a feasibility study, and the results show two possible ways to meet the space needs. Which of the following is true regarding this situation?
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Product owners are likely to prioritize work based on which of the following?
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Robert is a new executive hired to lead the marketing department of a telecommunications company. He sits down with his most senior project manager to review a proposal that was created by one of his directors, pitching a new project. The proposal contains a business summary of market demand that justifies the need for the project, the expected outcomes, return on investment, and a comprehensive cost analysis. The proposal can also be described as:
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What type of organization experiences the least amount of stress during project closeout?
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Sally and Joe are two project managers working in the corporate offices of a popular fast-food franchise. They are both studying for their PMP certification, and as usual, they debate the latest topic on the agenda. Joe insists that when a project ends because of a lack of resources, this is referred to as starvation, whereas Sally insists that it is referred to as integration. Who is correct?
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What group is responsible for reviewing all change requests and approving or denying them?
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All of the following describe a functional organizational structure except for which one?
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All of the following statements are true except for which one?
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Antwon is the director of marketing for a midsize company. You run into him while heating coffee in the office kitchenette and ask him what he’s up to. He explains that he’s in the process of evaluating project proposals to determine which best support the department and company’s annual goals. In what activity is Antwon involved?
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