New PMP Question & Answers with explanation

Match the following conflict-resolution techniques to their corresponding descriptions.
Technique Description
A resolution technique that often leads to consensus and commitment
A resolution technique that involves withdrawing from the conflict
A resolution technique that results in a win-lose situation
A resolution technique that partially resolves conflict by finding a solution that brings some satisfaction to all parties
A project manager is interested in organizing the team based on individual team member strengths. What tool can they use to gain insights into team strengths and weaknesses, including how they make decisions, interact with others, and process information?
Select three
You’ve decided to branch out into project management consulting and have landed your first contracting assignment. You are working on an exciting project for a midsize company that provides pet-sitting services in people’s homes. The employee who is the designated project manager on this project doesn’t have much experience running projects. He insists that all the stakeholders have been identified and that he alone understands their expectations so there is no need for you to meet with them. As a more experienced project manager, you know which of the following is true?
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At minimum, measuring stakeholder satisfaction typically occurs at what point of the project life cycle?
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Your project sponsor approaches you with a small bonus check for your excellent work keeping costs in line with the budget. You think the amount of the bonus check is fair and deserved. Which of the following statements are true?
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