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The project team has had to re-architect a product that did not meet project standards. This has resulted in a one-week schedule delay, in addition to the cost of rework. This is an example of:
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During the most recent team meeting, Nick left dissatisfied after not having had an opportunity to express his concerns over the schedule. When broaching the subject, he was cut off repeatedly by John, who felt that the focus of the meeting should be the recent server crash. What went wrong?
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Empathy, influence, and creativity are all forms of:
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Which of the following does not represent a type of organizational structure?
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Quality metrics can best be described as:
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A project manager of a construction company uncovered a risk that, if it were to occur, could shorten the length of the project by two months. This would mean a savings of $75,000 for the company. All of the stakeholders agreed that anything within reason should be done to make sure that this risk happens. What risk response strategy is the project manager most likely to use?
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Joseph Juran is known for the following:
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Frank’s team is working on a gaming software product for a long-term customer. It was unanimously thought by Frank’s team that the product needed the addition of a scoreboard on the screen as an enhancement. With the intention of increasing the quality of the product, a scoreboard was added. What has Frank’s team done?
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The project management team spent several days negotiating with a functional manager and another project manager to utilize the senior developer of the company as part of their project. This was the final resource needed to meet the resource requirements of the project. In what activity is the project management team engaged?
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Thomas is the project manager for a software consulting company. The project he is working on has encountered numerous overruns due to regulatory compliance obstacles. A new bill passed by the government may even make it impossible for the deliverable to be distributed. He suggests to the CEO that it may be in the company’s best interest to end the project and write off the costs they have incurred thus far. What type of cost refers to money already spent?
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