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This type of leader leads the team in learning and maturing agile practices. They promote emotional intelligence and selfawareness, they are good listeners, put the needs of others first, help team members improve their skills, they coach and mentor, encourage safety, encourage respectful behaviors, build trust among the team, and promote the skills and intelligence of others. Which of the following leadership styles does this question describe and what are the three steps, in order, they use to help the team learn and mature agile processes?
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Which of the following are tools and techniques of the Identify Stakeholders process you can use to categorize stakeholders?
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Your manager is worried about the project schedule. There is a critical deliverable due to the federal government in two weeks. If you miss the deliverable, you could lose the entire contract. To help reduce the manager's stress, you show him the earned value calculations you just completed. They show your cost performance index (CPI) is 1.25, your actual cost (AC) is us $400 million, and your planned value (pv) is us $490 million. Should you manager be comfortable?
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 Match the following categories associated with analyzing stakeholders in the Salience model with their classification. 

Category Classification
Legitimacy + urgency
Power + urgency
Power + legitimacy

A project sponsor is risk averse and is therefore concerned about negative impacts on the project. To help with this concern, the project team identifies four project risks and then evaluates both the probability of occurrence and the impact of the risk if it occurs. The team uses a 1-5 scale, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest.

Based on the table, in what order should the project manager rank these risks for risk management purposes?

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Your sponsor has committed to building a high-speed rail from one major inland city, Azules, to the coast. You have two possible routes, either Brazos or Corazon. Given each route's costs, odds, and rewards of high demand and low demand in this decision tree, how would you quantify the expected monetary value of the route to Brazos?

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The following Gantt chart displays the schedule for a software upgrade project. The system analysis was completed on August 12th, but the system design and development activities are still in process as of October 3rd. Once the product is developed, the project team will need to test and deploy it, which must be completed by October 17th. What is the cost variance as of October 3rd?

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A project manager is currently managing a manufacturing process improvement project which will be completed in five phases. The project manager has prepared the following chart to review the status of the project. Based on the information provided, what is the earned value of the project?

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Following is an illustration of a project network activity node that includes some information about activity D. Given the information provided, what is the total float of activity D?

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The following table is an activity list that includes the duration and predecessor for a series of project activities. What is the duration of the critical path?

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