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The characteristics of project life cycles vary and should be considered when determining which life cycle is the best fit for a project. Match the delivery life cycle approach based on where it falls on the continuum when considering frequency of delivery and degree of change.
Life Cycle Continuum
High frequency of delivery and low degree of change
Low frequency of delivery and high degree of change
Low frequency of delivery and low degree of change
High frequency of delivery and high degree of change
Match the Agile approach with its description.
Agile Approach Description
Allows for continuous flow of work and value to the customer. This approach is less prescriptive and pulls single items through the process continuously.
Used to meet the needs of a large software development project. This approach revolves around six core roles and is organized around five activities that are performed iteratively.
eXtreme programming
Used for software projects and features accelerated cycles and less heavyweight processes. This approach focuses on performing more iterative cycles across seven key disciplines and incorporates feedback before formal delivery.
Feature-driven development
A software development method based on frequent cycles. This approach attempts to distill a best practice into its simplest and purest form and then applies that practice continuously.
Agile unified process
A single-team process framework used to manage product development. This approach uses timeboxed sprints of one month or less and revolves around three core roles.
Match the term with its definition.
Term Definition
Story points
A unit-less measure used in relative user story estimation techniques
Burndown chart
A visual representation of the work completed toward the release of a product
Burnup charts
The sum of story point sizes for features actually completed during the iteration
A visual representation of the work remaining versus the time left in a timebox
Match the quality theorist with the theory they are responsible for.
Quality Theorist Theory
Philip Crosby
Pareto Principle
Joseph Juran
W. Edwards Deming
Total Quality Management (TQM)
Walter Shewhart
Zero Defects
Match the project life cycle with its respective description.
Life Cycle Name Description
Predictive life cycle
A traditional approach where the majority of planning occurs up front, followed by execution of the work
Iterative life cycle
An approach that is both iterative and incremental to refine work items and deliver frequently
Incremental life cycle
An approach that provides deliverables to the customers to use immediately
Agile life cycle
An approach that allows feedback on unfinished work to improve and modify the work
Match the name of the Project Management Knowledge Area with its description
Knowledge Area Name Description
Project Integration Management
Contains the activities required to manage the timely completion of the project
Project Schedule Management
Contains the activities to identify, acquire, and manage the resources needed for the successful completion of the project
Project Procurement Management
Contains the activities necessary to purchase or acquire products, services, or results needed from outside the project team
Project Resource Management
Contains the activities to identify, define, combine, unify, and coordinate the various processes and project management activities within the various process groups
Project Stakeholder Management
Contains the activities required to identify the people, groups, or organizations that could impact or be impacted by the project, analyze them, and develop strategies for engaging them
You are a project manager for SubZero Delights, a company that offers extraordinary experiences to travelers. Your latest project involves the development of a smartphone app that automatically picks up a customer’s GPS coordinates to provide tailored resources and recommendations. While documenting the resource management plan, you decide to incorporate a RACI. What does RACI stand for?
Select four
Match the decision-making technique with its description.
Term Description
Uses a systematic approach to making decisions
Multicriteria decision analysis
One individual makes the decision
Uses unanimity, majority, or plurality to make decisions
Match the Agile project charter component to the question it addresses.
Charter Component Question Addressed
Project vision
What does “done” mean for the project?
Flow of work
How are we going to work together?
Release criteria
Who benefits and how?
Project purpose
Why are we doing this project?
Match the leadership style to its corresponding attributes.
Leadership Style Attributes
Puts other people first
High-energy and enthusiastic
Servant leader
Management by exception
A hands-off approach
Seeks to inspire and encourage innovation