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360-degree feedback is an example of:
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Al is a lead testing manager, and Veronica is a development manager; both work for Power Cloud Stock Trading Online in the same team. They are requesting a meeting with the project manager because every milestone that has been set for the project seems to have a conflict, resulting from conflict between two specific team members. Who is responsible for resolving conflict between the two project team members?
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Joy is the technical lead of the testing department at Bing Bonk software. After she brings an issue to the attention of the CEO of the company, the CEO instructs Joy to tell the project manager to increase the duration of the testing phase by two weeks as a means of guaranteeing their upcoming release has no defects. Which of the following types of power is based on the respect that others have for someone else?
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Rita is a product owner responsible for the company’s line of smart digital music devices. During a strategy session, she speaks with the division president regarding a new product idea. Based on the recent analysis and voice of the customer data obtained, they decide to move forward with the development of a minimum viable product (MVP). Which of the following best defines MVP?
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Who developed the 14 Steps to Quality Management?
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The human resources associate at the Uptime Software Development Corporation is finding it difficult to attract new recruits due to the competitive nature of finding software developers. In response, she has suggested to her manager that the company increase the standard benefits package. Standard benefits provided to all employees is known as:
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After Bruce, the project manager for the Happy Holiday Cruise Ships, Inc., makes his rounds through the office, he usually compiles the notes he’s collected from talking to his team into a quick performance report and shares it on their team wiki site. Performance reports are an example of what type of communication?
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A risk manager of a software company is performing quantitative risk analysis. While numerically analyzing risks, she decided to utilize external subject-matter experts. What can the risk manager gain through this technique?
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You will be participating in a weekly project team status meeting, along with 10 other team members. The meeting will take place by conference call, with only two of the participants located in the same office. What is this an example of?
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As the project manager, you’ve noticed that several project team members appear tense and withdrawn. It’s unclear whether this is stemming from the recent issues that have emerged from within the project. How can you best discover what the attitudes of the project team members are toward the project?
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