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You are the project manager for a top-secret software project for an agency of the U.S. government. Getting top-secret clearances for contractors takes quite a bit of time and waiting for clearances could jeopardize the implementation date. Your mission—should you choose to accept it—is to complete the project using internal resources. Your agile programmers are 80 percent of the way through the programming and testing when your agency appoints a new executive director. Your programmers are siphoned off this project to work on the executive director's hot new project before they finish this project. Which of the following are true regarding this question?
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You are a contract project manager working with the State of Bliss. Your latest project involves rewriting the Department of Revenue's income tax system. As project manager, you have taken all the appropriate actions regarding confidentiality of data. One of the key stakeholders is a huge movie buff, and she has the power to promote you into a better position at the conclusion of this project. She's reviewing some report data that just happens to include confidential information regarding one of her favorite movie superstars. What is the most appropriate response?
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You are a project manager for Dakota Software Consulting Services. You're working with a major retailer that offers online and in retail stores. You're using a performance review to examine elements such as actual start and end dates for schedule activities. You also used SV and SPI calculations to determine the impact of schedule variations, which are more than the stakeholders will tolerate. Rumors have started and stakeholders have heard there might be a schedule delay. They've asked for a full report on the situation. Which of the following are true regarding this scenario? (Choose two.)
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You are working on a project where the requirements and scope are well defined, but you know there will be changes when performing the work of the project. Your stakeholders will need to provide continuous feedback during the development stages of this project. Which of the following are true when determining the deliverables for the project? (Choose three.)
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You are a project manager for Laredo Pioneer's Traveling Rodeo Show. You're heading up a small project to promote a new line of souvenirs to be sold at the shows. You've held the kickoff meeting and are ready to begin creating the project management plan. You know that a kickoff meeting is important for which of the following reasons? (Choose three.)
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It is important for a project manager to identify stakeholders and understand their needs, interests, and influence. All of the following are true regarding stakeholders in this context except which one?
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You need to collaborate with the stakeholders to determine project approval requirements. Which of the following describes project approval requirements?
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The Integration Knowledge Area is highly interactive and may involve iteratively performing the Planning, Executing, and Monitoring and Controlling processes. Which of the following is true regarding this Knowledge Area? (Choose two.)
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What is the definition of free float?
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Louis R. Pondy, a professor of business administration and author on organizational management and other topics, developed the stages of conflict. Which of the following are stages of conflict according to Pondy? (Choose three.)
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