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The lowest level of the work WBS is the:
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To expedite the scheduling process, a project manager alters an existing schedule management plan from a previous project for use on the current project. In this case, the schedule management plan represents:
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Which contract type poses a higher risk for the buyer?
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Al is a lead testing manager, and Veronica is a development manager; both work for Power Cloud Stock Trading Online. They are requesting a meeting with the project manager because every milestone that has been set for the project seems to experience a conflict. The top three reasons for conflict are:
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A small project team is in the process of performing a feasibility study on the potential build-out of an offshore data center. Several team members have expressed excitement about the project, since early indications from the study show that this may be a costeffective solution that can save the organization millions of dollars in annual expenses. The Operations team, however, has expressed strong concerns about the impact to the team’s morale if this project were to proceed forward. Where would the project manager document the various strategies for engaging with stakeholders, based on their needs and reactions to the project?
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Sue, the project manager of a pet facility build-out project, plans on attending an upcoming Pets for the Environment expo to mingle with other pet facilities and see the latest gadgets and technology used by the industry. This is an example of:
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A good project manager understands that:
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Tim works for a project management consulting firm that has just assisted a client in implementing a new process improvement plan. The executives of the company are pleased with the outcome of the project but are unsure how they will be able to maintain this new level of productivity. In response, Tim suggests that they use Kaizen events based around the Kaizen Theory. The Kaizen Theory is also known as:
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A key stakeholder approaches the project manager for a list of significant events in the project that can be used to benchmark the project’s progress. What document will the project manager provide the key stakeholder with?
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Al and Veronica have agreed to put an end to the bickering about the project by settling their personal differences on the Go Kart track. In fact, they have made it a team-building activity by giving their team members a half-day off so that they can join in the race. Team-building activities accomplish the following:
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