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What should project managers consider when tailoring planning activities associated with resource management?
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When should Agile teams hold retrospectives?
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You are the project manager for a project that will produce a mobile phone application that sends alerts when UV rays are at dangerous levels, alerting users to stay indoors. Your team has recently adopted Agile, and you have modeled your approach on that of a servant leader. Which of the following characteristics are you likely to follow?
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The Agile Manifesto is made up of four values and twelve principles. Which of the following is an example of an Agile value?
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Susan is the director of engineering for a software consulting company. She needs to hire seven people for a project that will be starting over the next month and has just filled out the roles and responsibilities of the positions and provided them to the human resources department. Which of the following is considered in the development of roles and responsibilities?
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Which of the following is considered a cost of quality?
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Which of the following terms are other names for inspections?
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Which of the following statements are true regarding risks?
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Shu Ha Ri is a technique used to develop an agile team. Which of the following are true about this model?
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Every status meeting should have time allotted for reviewing risks. Which of the following options are true?
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