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A portfolio manager is leading a project portfolio planning exercise to determine which projects will move forward in the new quarter that support the strategic goals of the portfolio. She decides to use a scoring model to rate projects against the following three criteria: profit potential, ease of use, marketability. Based on the table provided, which project will likely move forward?

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Four people are responsible for establishing cost of quality theories. Crosby is one and Juran is another. Which of the following describes their theories?
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You are the project manager for BB Tops, a nationwide toy store chain. Your new project involves creating a prototype display at several stores across the country. You are using an RACI chart to display individuals and activities. What does RACI stand for?
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Risk attitude is an enterprise environmental factor that you should evaluate when performing the Plan Risk Management process. Risk attitude consists of which of the following elements?
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You are constructing a probability and impact matrix for your project. Which of the following statements are true?
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Which of the following describe the purpose for the risk management plan?
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What is the definition of osmotic communication and what methodology is it associated with?
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In a flow-based agile approach, which of the following questions would you ask at the daily stand-up meeting?
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When an agile team is communicating, several meetings occur including a daily stand-up. Which of the following options are true regarding the daily stand-up in an agile methodology?
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When you're creating the cost management plan, which project elements should you consider and review?
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