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You’ve just accepted a new project management assignment. The project is for a customer in a foreign country. You’ve requested a business analyst and two other project team members from the country the customer resides in to participate on your team. The remaining team members are from your country. You know that the best way to ensure that the project team doesn’t get bogged down in cultural differences and hold up project progress is to do which of the following?
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Match the following conflict-resolution techniques to their corresponding descriptions.
Technique Description
A resolution technique that involves withdrawing from the conflict
A resolution technique that partially resolves conflict by finding a solution that brings some satisfaction to all parties
A resolution technique that results in a win-lose situation
A resolution technique that often leads to consensus and commitment
Carina is a principal project manager of You’ve Got Dogs, a specialty company that creates custom dog apparel and toys. Three months into the project, she kicks off the second phase of a project that is developing high-tech dog bones. As part of her practice, she sits down with her sponsor to determine whether there are any new players that they missed in the first phase, and they hold a discussion on the direction of influence of these new stakeholders. What activity is Carina carrying out?
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Which of the following techniques uses a weighted average?
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You are the project manager of a software organization leading a project to develop a new reservation system. A new scheduling risk has been identified and determined to be critical to the project. As a result, you need to meet with project stakeholders to discuss the situation. What is the best method for dealing with stakeholders?
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Eric is a manager for a project that has teams located in two buildings on their corporate campus. As part of being a good project manager he knows that in order to keep the team functioning well, he has to spend time with them equally. Which of the following is used to stay in touch with the work and attitudes of project team members?
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A project manager received feedback from team members that a certain team member was not up to speed on the project’s technology, and it was impacting the progress of the work. The project manager then realized his error, since the team member was brought on board after the initial project training had occurred. Where can the project manager look to view the training needs and training plans for the team?
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A project team member called the project manager to notify him that there seemed to be confusion about the resources needed to complete her activity. The project manager, who was running late for a meeting, told the team member not to worry about it and ended the conversation by telling her to have a good day and that they would touch base in the coming weeks. The project team member was left wondering whether the project manager understood the severity of the situation, since without the resources, her activity could not proceed, and the deadline would be missed. What did the project team member fail to do during the conversation?
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Benchmarking refers to:
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Janet is a project manager for the consulting division of the Java Architects. She has just been informed that the proposal she provided for a prospective client last week has gained approval from the company’s governance board, and a project charter has been approved. What activity is most likely to be carried out next?
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