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A project manager of a retail chain of hardware stores is in the process of generating the project schedule. After the project manager issues the project assignments, a team member approaches him to say that he has a two-week planned vacation right in the middle of a critical activity. What did the project manager fail to do?
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Which of the following best describes virtual teams?
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With the first major milestone around the corner, the project manager has decided to move all the active project team members to a war room. This is an example of:
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Which of the following best defines internal rate of return (IRR)?
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Tom is a project manager working for a reputable editorial agency specializing in exam preparation. He and his team use Agile approaches to manage projects. Because of the company’s growth, three new project managers have been hired, and Tom has stepped up to mentor the new hires. Given their limited experience with Agile, he decides to walk them through the four values and twelve principles that define Agile in order to help them adopt an Agile mindset. What is Tom reviewing with the project managers?
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Susan and David are both project managers for Blazing Broadband Internet Solutions, but they work in different divisions of the company, each having led numerous successful projects for the organization. They have been teamed together to find innovative solutions to problems on a new project, including ways of harmonizing the group of stakeholders in order to accomplish the project objectives. What skill set will Susan and David need to use to facilitate consensus on project objectives, influence stakeholders to support the project, and negotiate agreements?
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A project manager has structured his Agile project in a less prescriptive way to be less disruptive to the team. He and the team focus on driving work through a continuous flow as a way of delivering value to the customer versus using iterations. This approach is associated with which Agile method?
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Alfred is holding a meeting with select members of the project team to help identify and generate requirements. This is an example of:
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You work for Rory’s, a golf equipment manufacturer. Your organization is installing some new manufacturing equipment, and you are managing the project. Your project sponsor has asked for an EAC and has told you that he wants you to consider ETC work performed at the present CPI. If EV = 145, PV = 162, AC = 138, and BAC = 200, what is EAC?
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Janet is the project manager for First Strike Engineering, a company that specializes in providing military devices for jet fighters. Her departmental projects usually require that all deliverables be within an accuracy of Six Sigma. Today, she received her first contract stating that the accuracy of the deliverable can be within One Sigma. What is the level of accuracy of One Sigma?
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