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Cheryl is a procurement manager assigned to a project that implemented a new system patching service. She sits down with the project manager to review the final performance of the primary vendor used, highlighting the many issues that they experienced with the vendor, including delivering three weeks late and going over budget by $5,000. Cheryl spends an additional hour with the project manager identifying what they could have done differently and what they did well in addressing the vendor issues as they occurred. What activity are Cheryl and the project manager engaged in?
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Which of the following best describes the role of a product owner within the Agile methodology?
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A project manager considers how best to navigate through the politics of the organization where most of their project team resides. What skill set is the project manager exercising?
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You witness a trusted colleague violating a privacy law of the country in which you are both temporarily stationed for an assigned project. What should you do?
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An agile team’s social contract likely addresses which of the following?
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